The Benefits of Traveling for Addiction Treatment

Once the decision has been made to get help for drug or alcohol addiction, the next step is deciding where to undergo treatment. While many people look for facilities close to home, there are many benefits to traveling for treatment. When individuals travel on vacation, they are leaving the familiar and embracing a new opportunity. The same holds true when traveling for addiction treatment.

We’ve put together some of the benefits of traveling for addiction treatment in order to achieve recovery.

New Location, New Beginnings

Treatment that is far away from home gives clients the opportunity to make a fresh start in a completely new environment. While the experience of traveling may be intimidating for those struggling with addiction, it is also empowering. Being in a new location can encourage who were initially resistant to be hopeful in treatment.

While being in their hometown is comfortable for most people, it is also the place where their addiction went untreated. A new location presents the opportunities for a new support network, perspective, and change. Although it is certainly an adjustment to be away from home and loved ones, the process allows individuals to work towards new goals.

More Distance, Less Risk

If a person is far away from home, it makes it more difficult for them to leave the program or seek drugs or alcohol. Treatment programs are intensive, and require time, participation, and dedication. Clients will face challenges that may make them want to revert back to their old lifestyle. When an individual is in treatment close to home, it is easy for them to simply leave when things get difficult.

Being many miles away from the comfort of their hometown makes it harder to pick up and leave. By not having the option to easily drive home, choosing to stay at the treatment center increases the chances of success. The physical and emotional distance can inspire them to push through and continue to work on achieving recovery.

Repairing Relationships and Finding Their Identity

When an individual suffers from addiction, chances are that the negative effects of the disease has been felt by their loved ones. More than likely, addiction has negatively impacted the individual’s relationships. Treatment programs encourage family therapy methods in order to repair these damaged relationships.

Family and close friends are some of the most valuable support systems a person can have. However, an individual suffering from substance use and other mental health disorders need time and space to establish their own identity in a recovery lifestyle. Being away from friends and family members give patients the space they need during this transitional time.

Healthy Support System

Many treatment centers are located in specific settings that foster and encourage recovery. There may be superior treatment programs outside of a person’s local area. Traveling away from home gives clients the chance to create a greater camaraderie with other residents. A sense of community is critical in recovery as it leads to a sense of support.

Chances are, most other residents are also far away from home. Clients feel less alone as they are surrounded by people who are going through the same challenges. Individuals are able to have a more positive attitude towards treatment when they know they have support from others who understand.

Less Triggers

Being in a familiar place for treatment also means being around familiar people, settings, and situations that promote addiction. The word “trigger” refers to any thoughts, individuals, emotions, and memories that encourage drug or alcohol use. One of the keys of a successful recovery is learning how to identify, avoid, and cope with these triggers that could result in relapse.

In recovery, individuals learn to recognize these addiction triggers and move forward with a healthy lifestyle. However, when they stay local for treatment they are remain close to thee triggers. Clients are encouraged to put some distance between themselves and their unhealthy lifestyle for treatment. Traveling away from the familiar for treatment ensures that these triggers won’t hinder recovery.

Building a Healthy Life

The opportunity to travel away from home for addiction treatment gives individuals the chance for a fresh start in a new place. They are able to focus solely on building a healthy life for themselves in a specialized setting. To find out if traveling for addiction treatment is right for you or your loved one, contact us today.

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