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Completing drug or alcohol treatment is a major accomplishment, but there is still a long road to recovery ahead. We work with aftercare programs that provide a structured group setting that decreases the risk of relapse after intensive residential or outpatient treatment. With proper planning and support, those who complete treatment and transition into aftercare can embrace a new healthy and sober lifestyle.

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Case Management

During aftercare, case managers are there for guidance- whether it be helping find health care providers, assistance with legal matters, or locating affordable housing and childcare. Trained professionals will help to plan, coordinate, and monitor resources needed for clients in recovery. Case managers in aftercare help make the smoothest transition possible to life outside of addiction treatment.

Life Skills

Practicing life skills in aftercare helps to keep individuals engaged in recovery as they make the transition from to treatment to everyday life. While in a treatment program, patients learn life skills such as coping mechanism, emotion control, social interaction, and independent living skills. Aftercare gives individuals the opportunity to practice the life skills they have learned while transitioning into real life.

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Relapse Prevention

Aftercare programs help minimize the risk of relapse and keep individuals moving forward on the road to recovery. It’s important to understand that relapse is never out of the realm of possibility, no matter what stage of recovery individuals are in. We help to guide clients through the steps necessary in creating a relapse prevention plan that works for them.

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Available Programs

Helping Hands Vector IconDetox

Detox programs are designed to rid the body of all the toxins and chemicals that substance abuse leaves behind in a safe and effective way.

House Vector IconResidential

Residential Treatment programs provides 24-hour support and care in a setting where the only focus is helping individuals achieve and maintain recovery from addiction.

Doctor Vector IconOutpatient

Outpatient and Sober Living programs offer the flexibility to maintain real-world obligations while attending regular treatment sessions.

Thumbs-Up Vector IconAftercare

Aftercare programs offer assistance to support the life changes clients made during drug or alcohol treatment and prevent relapse.